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Friday, August 7, 2015

Nursing School Notes

If you need some help in the beginning of nursing school, I have Process I and II notes. They are completed dictations of all of my lectures with pictures, as well. They really are amazing. I'm very proud of them. :) Now they can be yours!!


Nursing Notes:


I also have a great Microbiology video.

Permission to relax now. You got this!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


IN THE CLINICAL SETTINGS AND THE REAL WORLD, NOT ONLY WILL YOU BE DOING YOUR WORK, YOU'LL DO EVERYONE ELSE'S, AS WELL. BETTER GET USED TO THE CALL BELLS NOW!! Do your research before starting any Nursing Program. The nursing school you choose is important. Research your professor. My professor was from Africa. She made comments like, "No one knows about voodoo in America." or "You know about that?" Yes, we do. Those things happen in America, too. Fool!  This isn't another planet, even though we're not from Africa. She spoke about voodoo and Africa, too. We were suppose to afraid of Africans because of it and it supposedly happened only in Africa. Meanwhile, I'm from Louisiana and apparently, she's never heard of Marie Catherine Laveau. Some professors may be very judgmental, as well. They may pick favorites or be racist. Just saying. I've had one meeting with the head person of my program (no names) and these were my issues. I was able to bring SOME of these issues up. Only some! Many people were upset because they weren't allowed a second chance on the test to the next nursing program step. Some were given a chance and some weren't. People weren't treated as equals or fairly. It was just disgusting. Why you ask was I only able to bring up some of my information? Because he was overkill, too nice! One of my friends told me that he told her he took multiple psychology courses before he finally passed. I brought up an issue, but he claimed that was the same student we were discussing, it wasn't. I was talking about 3 different people. Know your facts, before you hold a meeting with a student and quit taking the professors side. It doesn't allow the students to have a voice, if you care less what they have to say. Everyone takes everyone else side, they don't want a bad label on the program. He even had the nerve to claim that anything I shared through an email, was anyone's gain. It was my medical information!! Even showed it to me. Really?! Who the hell do you think you are!
Long story short, one student was allowed through the program, even after running out of time during an exam. I saw it. I have it recorded, too. THE RECORDING--just click to hear  She even curses on the tape. The next day, the professor came to class and took her anger out on everyone. It was pathetic and unprofessional. I heard the student was allowed a second chance to take the test, all I know is that she was back in class allowed to move on through to the next stage so were others and many others weren't given this chance.  This was an email to another student from the professor. It just wasn't fair.
As you all know, I have skin issues. I have seborrheic dermatitis. I mentioned my issue through an email, the same week, but was told that I needed to get a form, which stated that I had a disability. What a load of crap! The office at the school claimed that my doctor didn't fax my physical weeks later. Never got a phone call. They told me that I needed to call them to get the ball rolling. A phone call weeks ago would have been nice. I spoke to the disability office over an over. I now have referral to a neurologist for my stress issues, through my dermatologist. I'm a college student, so when I have time, I will look into this issue.
During the nursing exams, multiple people pass out different tests. She claimed that her test were all the same, but yet I see her fighting to be the one to pass her test to my row and I've even had students tell me they have changed seats because they didn't want her to give her test. I know for a fact that some tests were harder than others. I'm talking 3rd grader tests vs college level! I've had more college level tests and had an easier one the day, she didn't manage to get to my row. I'm not stupid. I've even watched who she handed her tests to and witnessed those people staying last. Other students noticed some test were easier, also.

I have decided to change my major because of all of this drama. If I would have know that I was one class away from my AA degree, I never would have got into this program. Lesson learned. My new major will be Computer Science. I will be blogging about my new journey, soon. I don't want to work for anyone of this nature and this is why I fee great about my decision. 
What I learned by ATTEMPTING the nursing program…
1.       I had to share everything about my personal past life to the board, just to get in this program and I was still accepted. I still have that letter, which I’m proud of. My first semester was a struggle because I had to prove myself worthy. I learned that nothing is set in stone and I’m going to always go for what is mine.
2.       I’m 33 years old and I’ still have a few more years to spare, so this was just a small obstacle.
3.       Any program that allows a professor to substitute and tell the class to shut up over and over isn't for me, anyways. I’m not a child! You get the same respect you give.
4.       My family time will always be more important.
5.       I don’t have to go through life wondering, what if?
6.       I get to lose this extra nursing weight I gained and buy a new outfit, afterwards.
7.       I realized that I can pass a normal class, but I can exceed by using Cornell notes.
8.       I found out that I don’t like hard work and a desk job is right up my alley, I’m no one’s slave.
9.       People will lie and say they are struggling, when they aren't. Be for yourself. Your success is up to you.
10.   If you’re more nervous, than excited about anything, it gets harder to motivate yourself because you will lose faith in yourself. The fear will swallow you alive! I’m now excited about my new dream career!!
11.   I’m stronger than I believed I was, but I do have flaws.
12.   I fulfilled my dream of working in a hospital and that was enough for me. I can run for days, but being on my feet for 12 hours in pain is very distracting.
13.   I would recommend this program to my worst enemy.
14.   I can help people in need, whether I’m a nurse or not.
15.   If I can look in the mirror and still see myself, that’s what really matters.
16.   I've always loved math and I still love math. A Computer Science major at another college is my next goal. It feels good to have an attainable long term goal.
17.   My new semester starts in January! I found out that I’m going to graduate with an AA degree, after taking just one course! 
I may edit or add to this. ;)