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Monday, June 19, 2017

Fontainebleau Miami

Today's date is May 10, 2017. In two days I will be in Miami at the famous luxury Fontainebleau hotel! The website is This is going to be so exciting!! We have multiple reservations. It's mothers day weekend. I need this vacation. I'm done with finals for this semester. I have a babysitter. I've lost 20 pounds. It's time to eat, drink, shop, relax, and party!
Today is the day!

Rob decided that we should have bagels, before we even get to Miami. I couldn't resist crème cheese and lox. Yum! I couldn't even finish it. I lost so much weight, I could only eat half it was delicious and worth it. Had my dunkin coffee early! I needed it.

Prior to our arrival, my boyfriend made arrangements to this website caviar. He made multiple confirmations over a 3 month time frame, prior to delivery and they still screwed it up big time. It didn't end well. I wouldn't order from this company ever! I'll explain what happened at the end of the blog because it's part of the ending of our trip.

We are now on our way! We got a driver, so we beat all the traffic and had a relaxing ride to our destination.

We've arrived! The view is amazing. I can't resist taking pictures.

We bought a patch of real grass for her from this website She used it, immediately. She had her own eating area in the kitchen. She felt really special. The first thing we did was get her situated.

It's time to stock up the fridge with champagne,
tequila, water, cherries, juice, chocolates, etc.

We forgot that we had another bottle in the ice chest. Ha! We decided to open that one first.


We  ordered room service first. There was a mishap with our order. The server thought amenities meant that we had to ask for it to be in our room. That apparently wasn't the case, so the manager sent us up complimentary waters. We already had a full fridge of waters. Giving us our order the correct was would have solved our problem.  We ordered the $40.00 crudité order with hummus and crackers. They bought us vegetables with dip, which was cheaper, but it wasn't what we wanted.

Thankfully, we weren't that hungry.

We added wings, which were delicious. Thank heavens, the view made up for it all.

We were lucky enough see some paddle boarders, also. What great pastime!

Rob said that it was very dusty and he just had to prove to me that it was. He made a phone call and I spoke to two supervisors. He didn't accept their gifts. They are well aware now. He said that he just wanted to let them know what was going on, since he paid a high price for the room, not that it matters. It really is unacceptable.

I found a few things on the floor, as well. Yuck. We decided to let it go, being that it was such a lovely area and we weren't going to be in the room majority of the time, anyway. Definitely bringing cleaning wipes, next time.


Our first day we just stayed in, drank, and ordered room service. I thoroughly, cleaned the bathroom and unpacked. I mostly lived on the balconies with Coco.

We had two balconies! How could I not.

The one with a view of the city, I spent less time on because there was someone always smoking above me. Thankfully, the best view was the most comfortable and when we ate breakfast we ate inside and still had the view.
My boyfriend bought me the coolest kaftan dress, ever! It's from the website "Asa kaftans Beauty. Confidence. Glamour." I love it and I wore it everywhere. I wore it to the pool, on the beach, and while I was packing! She has a book out, too. It's called Golden. You can find the book here:
This is the websites link for the kaftan dress I'm wearing

At night, there was a dj by the pool. It's a pool party everyday on the grounds! Unbelievable. Drinks, music, partying, and service for anything you want...cabana, food, cocktails, pool items, ocean items, etc. You name it, you got it! I even downloaded an app for service on the beach. It is on the hotel website, also. It works for Android and Apple, just type it in the app store and it should come up.

We had a difficult time getting this bath soak sent to our room. Nobody could do it. We called everyone. We were even told they didn't have it. The next day, we went and got it ourselves. Yes, they had always had it. Ridiculous. It smells phenomenal. It's called Seagrape. I'm hooked on this stuff! It contains Epson salt, also. Very relaxing.

Our very first adventure, the next day, was the wine spectator tour. It was so much fun! We loved the ports. These were the best. There was a 30 year old and a year 1978 port.

From there we had a dinner reservation at Stripsteak 
We had a late reservation because we were leaving the tour, but it was amazing. We had a wine tasting, perfect, being that we only had ports at the tour. Which seems ironic. Ha! I loved that our booth was positioned right next to the kitchen. Everyone moved like a dance. Amazing to see. I'll add the menu to the blog.

 It's very nice. On our way from this bar is the best bakery in the world! Chez Bon Bon!! I lost myself in here. I continued to eat more when I got home. Yeah, this was literally the best moment of my life. Ha! If you like white chocolate and coconut, I recommend the big giant ball of white chocolate filled with coconut and some other sweet stuff!
The next day we got up early and just hung out. We did some shopping. Be prepared to do some walking. We loved it because we could burn some calories. We passed this bar many times, it's in the lobby, the Bleau Bar.

We decided to make a stop at the bakery. It was a must! So many choices!!

We have a tradition in every hotel. To give our pet some exercise and keep her in great shape, we let our Chihuahua run through the hallway to each of us twice. She loves it!

So, now where was I? Oh, after the bakery and shopping, I went to the spa. The same link as, earlier. It's called Lapis
I felt so pampered here! They lead you to your very own locker. Wear your swimsuit, so you can do the water tour. I forgot. They give you a bathrobe and slippers, so I had to keep my undergarments on. I wasn't roaming around in that. LOL They should recommend it to people. I still had a phenomenal time. Next time! Anyways, I wanted some skin renewal, so I chose this facial.

                      BEFORE:                                                                                   AFTER:



  More popular than ever, facials are a wonderful way to treat yourself, friend or loved one. In the intense Florida sun, give your delicate facial skin a vacation too. They use only the best natural lotions, oils and botanical serums to give skin a healthy radiant glow. And facials are not just for women; men are discovering how effective they are for detoxifying skin and turning back the clock.

They have an Age Defying treatment that includes a gentle microdermabrasion to remove dry surface layers as it restores skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and dehydration.
All facials include a hydrating hand treatment. I had the 50 minute treatment. IT WAS SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! I felt so beautiful, afterward.
oxygen booster
50 minutes $155 | n
80 minutes $220* | n
State-of-the-art infusion of vitamins and antioxidants into the skin to illuminate and hydrate with age-defying results. Brings immediate luster and glow to skin. *Includes extractions and moisturizing foot treatment.

After I got this done, I was floating on cloud nine. I fell asleep twice. lol From there, I was brought to the salon for a new hairstyle and renewal hair treatment. This is where I left this place feeling and looking like a new woman!!!! I felt like a movie star! I recommend this place to the world. Robert brought me champagne and strawberries, during this time. How sweet and romantic.
Afterwards, I did some shopping I found a candle and the cutest dress! The dress is by Young Fabulous & Broke It's a two toned purple dress with spaghetti straps. I love it!!
Our next adventure for this evening, was Scarpetta This is our favorite place to go to in New York, so we decided to try it in Miami. We were thoroughly satisfied!! This place is unbelievable. I mean just check out the pictures. I'm a fan of the homemade pasta. This place was so phenomenal that we went back a second time on Mother's Day, for brunch!! No words can describe how excellent the food and service is at this restaurant. All I can say is, again look at the pictures. 





Later that night, we walked on the beach. It was so lovely. There was a bar with music playing, but we were too tired to check anything more out, so we went back to our room. It was an amazing Mother's Day vacation. My boyfriend loves to see me happy. We needed this time together. This was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. If you ever want to have an out of this world vacation, choose the Fontainebleau Hotel We did and we are going back again, soon!!!!