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Friday, December 2, 2011

HCG Diet Plan: You Can Create Your Own

AS PROMISED...MORE PICS are here! See Dec 1 on the side to see how I followed this HCG diet.
These are some of the meals my boyfriend prepared for the diet (I cooked the cabbage! lol)
Melba toast: 1 a day for a lunch snack:                                                  

Use Truvia for sugar!                                               
Lemonade in the middle of the day and at night.I drink as many as I like, it helps when I get hungry.

Half of grapefruit for dinner snack:

My first lunch was this. Spinach, onions,
and chicken. All cooked in water with Ms. Dash.

First dinner. Shrimp and cabbage.
(same way always…cooked in water with Ms. Dash)

The next two lunch and dinners were these. Water cooked and Ms. Dash seasoning. If you want it spicy, add more Ms. Dash. The pepper will make it spicy. J a little trick of mine.
 Lunch…added celery                                                                 Dinner:
Lunch:                                                                                         Dinner: