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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sitting here fantasizing, while looking at a Pizza Hut commercial. Yum! Remember the days, as a teenager, when you had a favorite restaurant that you would walk a mile for. Mine was Pizza Hut. The only thing is, not one Pizza place is the same, by that I mean service! Some people care and others don't. I can remember walking to eat pizza, in Franklin, La. It loses it's value as you move further and further from Louisiana. LOL I miss good pizza. Homemade seems like the only way to go in Florida. :) Which would probably be a great idea for a business...not really. lol Anyways, I am settling down with a glass of wine, being that I am going to be studying all weekend! Yea, sucks, but I've been preparing as much and as quickly as possible. Anatomy is not an easy subject, no matter how much a teacher trys to make it...listings...need I say more. :)

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